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22 August 2008 @ 07:17 pm
hi! i am selling some reprints photo that i have in my cupboard.
well it is not from shops but i print it myself and laminated it.
so i thought if anyone is intrested in buying it.

- mainly for singaporeans.
- photos are all laminated already.
- previously when i print out this pictures i written their names behind.
- prices r included with the laminate.
- photos will be sent by postage as i cant really meet up.
- i only accept Bank transfer for payment.

sorie for the poor quality of photos. my phone camera is not good.

two normal size photo: 
measurement are 12.5cm by 8.5cm
price : $1.50

five wallet size photo:
measurement are 6cm by 8cm.
price : $1.00
two other photos: not laminated;but r printed from shop.
measurement are 7cm by 4.5cm.
prices : $0.80

if there is anything do leave a comment here(:
thank you~